• January 18, 2022

10 times beautiful white flowering garden plants

In an ornamental garden with lots of color, neutral white always fits. By combining white with other colors you can achieve beautiful effects. Below are a number of white flowering plants that are an asset to any garden.

White lilies have been a symbol of femininity, beauty and purity for centuries. The fragrance of the lily is one of the most beloved. The lily is a beautiful cut flower that behaves like a perennial in the garden. You can enjoy the splendor of this plant for years.

Height: Maximum 1 meter
When to sow lilies: the bulb can be planted in the ground after August (15-20 centimeters)
Flowering time: May to August
Latin name: lilium
Type of plant: bulbous plant
The bulb of a lily does not last long above ground. In winter you should cover the soil with a layer of humus. The bulb can also be overwintered in a pot.


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