• February 18, 2022

10 times beautiful blue flowering garden plants

In nature we see blue in the sky as well as in the water, but in plants there is less choice in this beautiful color. Nevertheless, below you will find 10 interesting blue flowering plants that can also add to the richness of color in your garden. Take a look to see if your favorite blue plant is among them or find an addition that is perfect for your garden.


The agave is certainly not a common garden plant, but you now see the large plant more often in sheltered places in gardens where there is room for them. The agave species with their sturdy blue leaves covered with large spines come from Mexico and they should definitely be in full sun in our country. In winter, shelter is needed. In a tub or large pot they are also an ornament in the garden or on your terrace.

Height: 1 meter
When to sow agave: Plant in spring
Flowering time: Not applicable
Latin name: Agave
Type of plant: Drought plant
The leaves of some species of agave are used to make tequila. The tough leaves are also used to make rope or mats.

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