• March 18, 2022

These are the 10 most beautiful red flowering plants for the garden

1. Red Valerian This plant is also called trace flower. In France you can see these the beautiful red flowers everywhere in nature. Sometimes they just seem to jump up out of the stones. In our country, they are popular in rock gardens. The spurge grows effortlessly is poor soil. In a few places in…

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10 times beautiful blue flowering garden plants

In nature we see blue in the sky as well as in the water, but in plants there is less choice in this beautiful color. Nevertheless, below you will find 10 interesting blue flowering plants that can also add to the richness of color in your garden. Take a look to see if your favorite…

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10 times beautiful white flowering garden plants

In an ornamental garden with lots of color, neutral white always fits. By combining white with other colors you can achieve beautiful effects. Below are a number of white flowering plants that are an asset to any garden. White lilies have been a symbol of femininity, beauty and purity for centuries. The fragrance of the…

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