• March 18, 2022

These are the 10 most beautiful red flowering plants for the garden

1. Red Valerian

This plant is also called trace flower. In France you can see these the beautiful red flowers everywhere in nature. Sometimes they just seem to jump up out of the stones. In our country, they are popular in rock gardens. The spurge grows effortlessly is poor soil. In a few places in our country a feral species occurs.

Height: 30-80 centimeters
When to sow red valerian: Spring
Flowering time: May until June
Latin name: Centranthus Ruber
Type of plant: perennial
The red valerian is one of the easiest plants in the garden. Give it a spot in the sun or semi shade and you don’t have to do anything to it.

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2. Red tulip

By now we all know that our ‘national’ flower actually originates from Turkey and Iran. But that’s no reason not to include this beautiful spring bloomer in your garden. There are many shades of red and you can combine them. Tulips do not bloom very long, but they do bloom profusely. And there are few flowers that make it so clear that they enjoy the sun.

Height: 50 centimeters
When to sow tulips: autumn at a depth of 10 centimeters
Flowering time: Spring
Latin name: Tulipa
Type of plant: bulbous plant
When the tulip in the garden has finished flowering you remove the flower. The green leaves you until it turns yellow and at that time you remove it.

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